Jan Michael Sherman is a veteran creative writer, journalist and editor who spent years freelancing for such noted publications as the Toronto Daily Star, Los Angeles Times, The Los Angeles Free Press, and Rolling Stone.

His two decades as a Hollywood television and screen writer and Creative Writing instructor has given him a special knowledge, understanding, and insight into the complexities of writing for film and he has functioned as a "Script Doctor" on a number of feature film screenplays.

He has worked in Hollywood and Vancouver as a respected Script Analyst, his services being retained by (among others) Telefilm Canada to critique, assess, and evaluate feature film and Movie of the Week scripts.

Jan Michael also has extensive experience as a Story Editor for film and book projects.

Jan Michael is able to offer a wide variety of creative writing services at affordable fees to writers in need of serious, no-bullshit professional assistance with their various projects. Jan Michael offers committed, fully-involved participation and can guide you in bringing out all the possible potential in your particular writing project be it movie script, short story, novel, non-fiction book, personal professional biography or career resume. If you're having trouble writing or editing it "The Word-Doctor" is all the help you need.

Word-Doctor Services

Screenplay Analysis and Rewriting:

Sure you've written the next hot feature film, but somehow it isn't coming together the way you envisioned? Maybe the main plot's dragging, the characters sagging, the dialogue flagging you down to a crawl, and/or the structure just ain't there! The Word-Doctor can help you whip that puppy into saleable shape.

Book Editing:

Have you written a fiction or non-fiction book, but have no one qualified to give it a professional, critical "read" to feed back the kind of editorial commentary you need to make your book the very best it can possibly be?

The Word-Doctor will work with you hand-in-hand page-by-page editing your manuscript so that when you're ready to submit it, publishers' flunkies won't automatically reach for the REJECTED stamp!

Personal Biography Development:

Need to write a personal biography but find it impossible to write about yourself with any real objectivity or conviction? The Word-Doctor can shape the facts of your Personal Life Narrative so that when you read it you'll say "Yeah! Yeah! That really is me my life's more interesting than I thought!"

Short Story & Song Lyric Consultation:

The Word-Doctor can help aspiring short story writers and songwriters rewrite and polish their work to competitive, professional standards.

Unblocking Writer's Block:

Because the Word-Doctor also happens to be a fully-credentialed Counselling Psychotherapist, he is always available to help his clients work through issues which are temporarily interrupting, stalling, or in any way interfering with their creative flow and process. Quite often just the act of working with another creative personality can free up one's personal process can be a Therapeutic Experience!

For further information contact: michaelsherman@dccnet.com